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The Week in Comments: "Soooo... is Lucas our best centre back?"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Premier League Fans Plan Mass Walkout Following Success of Liverpool Supporters

Would it have been so difficult to call themselves the "Football Federation of Supporters"?

— Ken Mueller

Klopp: Progress Will Take Time

Leicester can be successful this year for the same reason that Liverpool had a chance in 2013/14: a one-competition run-in.

They, like we then, are focusing solely on the Premier League. They don’t have Europe and they don’t care about cups. Man Utd re-entered the top 4 the same way last year.

Competing in Europe and for cups changes the calculus COMPLETELY. You cannot play with one tight team; you have to have talent in-depth and be able to successfully rotate all the pieces. This requirement demands an experienced manager and a big, good squad, which means investment in transfers and payroll. Then they have to have the time to learn to play together, which means you won’t have success your first year in Europe and will be back out of it again the year after you got in.

Becoming a European team is the work of years, with top investment and a top manager who knows how to rotate and compete in Europe. We have a chance, but it should be obvious to everyone from our experience of the past two years that being in one competition is fundamentally easier than being in four competitions.

— Farce of Nature

Liverpool’s Handling of Sturridge is “Fuelling a Lot of Rumours” About the Star Striker

on the other hand, Michael, you’re not owed anything just because you used to play for the club or tripped and fell into a commentating role for which you are poorly suited, and the more pleasant alternative is for you and everyone else fuelling the rumo(u)rs to shut up.

— Ed

West Ham 2, Liverpool 1 (aet): First Thoughts

Zach: I really want to see Benteke 1v1 on Migs. It might end all of existence because of all the paradoxes involved. But still.

Daniel O.: Both would end up missing and scientists would study the result for decades.
Soooo... is Lucas our best centre back?

— WelshRed

Staff Comment

West Ham vs. Liverpool: Match Preview, Team News, and Ways to Watch

Chief Ralphie the Red: Quick turnaround for Klopp. It’d be nice if we win this. No expectations though.

latortillablanca: yet another example of liverpool’s medical team rushing a key piece back from injury and risking re-injury. etw.

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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