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Liverpool Fanvote: Remaining Season Prospects

Which will come first: the chicken or Liverpool's next bit of silverware?

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Liverpool have crashed out of the FA Cup this week, but the blow landed almost mercifully. The minutes have just been piled up for the Reds ever since Jürgen Klopp walked in the door, and the injury list has sustained absurdly robust numbers all year because of it. So, even though a stretch of home capitulation against Sunderland leading to an away loss against West Ham is a jagged little pill to swallow, is it possible Liverpool will be better off for it?

The first competition staring the Reds in the face is the also the one in which they have the least chance of success: the Premier League. But who knows? Maybe Christian Benteke scores a double hat trick against his former club to strike a deadly shot across the bow of his haters, and prove to Klopp that he's the man.

Right after that is a Europa League tie, and that's an interesting competition to ruminate over as a Liverpool fan. The team is getting healthier, midweek games will force rotation of yutes into the line up, creating different combinations that might just hit it off. Look at the chemistry Brad Smith had with Joao Carlos Teixeira, Philippe Coutinho, and Christian Benteke against the Hammers. Sure, it is unlikely Liverpool just tear through this competition, but this club does have a history of football under the lights that Klopp will surely be eager to replicate.

After that? Just a little thing we like to call a cup final. A Carling Cup final, to be exact, and against no less an opponent than Manchester City. This one sells itself, surely? All of the names, all of the nerves, all of the chance to seal a successful first season for Klopp. And if we're to take Jürgy's word for it, we're going to win it!

Tough to beat silverware as a football fan, but one way to do so would be to gin up a spicy, buttermilk batter, heat up a vat full of oil and deep fry something. That's right--chicken tenders. Crispy, crunchy, juicy, tender. Chicken.

Or maybe all of this matters to you more or less equally? And maybe none of it--either individually or collectively--matters more to you than watching it all fail. Yeah. Some people do just like to watch the world burn.

But what we're interested in is what you like. Give us your vote, Redkind, give it to us straight.

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