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Carragher: "I Felt Proud of My Club Once Again"

The Liverpool legend spoke of his renewed pride in the club after the announcement of a two-year ticket price freeze.

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Jamie Carragher is probably the most prominent voice among former Liverpool players who currently speak out on what's going on at the club. He played as recently as the 2012/13 season -- Brendan Rodgers' first at the club. Roles as a pundit for Sky Sports and a columnist for the Daily Mail increase Carragher's visibility further.

Consistency, loyalty, major trophies, and 737 appearances for Liverpool combined with a generally sensible approach to matters concerning his beloved club make Carragher an interesting voice on the mundane and the contentious. The former number 23 took part in the walkout last weekend and explained hy he made the decision to join others in protest.

Now that Fenway Sports Group (FSG) have announced a two-year price ticket freeze, Carragher reflected on what was a brief but fairly tumultuous episode.

"Pride: it's the one thing we all want as supporters," Carragher said on the two-year ticket price freeze. "Put results and performances to one side and what truly matters is having faith in the club you follow. So when I heard that Liverpool's owners had taken the decision to freeze ticket prices for the next two seasons, as well as apologising for the idea of wanting to sell seats for £77, I felt proud of my club once again.

"The supporters started something big on Saturday when walking out of Anfield in the 77th minute and things snowballed to such an extent that FSG realised they had to make urgent corrections. It wasn't nice to see but they were standing up for fans across the country, not just themselves. Nobody wants to see stadiums emptying on a regular basis and hopefully that prospect has now finished.

"Rarely in life do you find people who will admit they have got something wrong, so it was bold of FSG to hold their hands up and apologise."

It will be interesting to see what disgruntled fans at other clubs do after a relatively swift turnaround on ticket prices at Anfield. There is also the question of transition to consider. Liverpool may boast one of the most respected and admired managers in Jürgen Klopp but are in transition once again. Removing categorisation While FSG have been responsible and supportive owners, collecting a further £2 million from matchgoing fans of a club that still lacks consistency may have been overambitious.

It's not just where the club is at. There is a real dissatisfaction with how much fans are being asked to pay to support their club. Irrespective of what one thinks of the atmosphere at Anfield, Liverpool fans pack the stadium every week. In fact, the anger radiated when fans spoke and wrote about the issue. It was important to restore unity and calm at the club, and the manager will be pleased that he can move forward in a busy month without a toxic atmosphere surrounding the club.

The fans fought for what they wanted and the club responded. Irrespective of whether one believed in the 77th minute walkout against Sunderland, this chapter should be generally closed for a couple of seasons at least. It's time to become believers again.

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