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Get Your Hands off Our Firmino

If a new leaked report is to be believed, Roberto Firmino has an eye-watering £82 million pound release clause. And Arsenal are explicitly excluded by name.

Arsenal v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Some Liverpool fans grumbled last season when it was reported that they shelled out nearly £30 million pounds for Brazilian international Roberto Firmino. Those critics have mostly been silenced by Firimino’s stylish play and nose for goal insofar as no one mentions his initial price tag these days.

However, Liverpool brass were always confident in the Brazilian’s abilities, so much so that they reportedly inserted an astronomical release clause of £82 million into his contract. They also made sure to insert a “What are they smoking at the Emirates?” clause, wherein the interested club can trigger his release unless “the club interested is not Arsenal.” Is it just me, or is John Henry still a little salty over the Suarez to Arsenal fiasco?

Now, statistically speaking there must be some version of Arsenal Football Club that exists in the infinite multiverse that would actually shell out £82 million for a player. I’m reasonably sure that version of Arsenal does not exist in our reality, but 2016 is very much feeling like someone took an ill-advised trip in a DeLorean, so what do I know?

The report came courtesy of the website Le Soir, which publishes football leaks. They also published info on Sergio Aguero, Mario Balotelli, Hugo Lloris, Neymar, and others.

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