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Jordon Ibe Got A Klopp Hug (But Not Much Else)

The former Liverpool winger came off the bench in Bournemouth’s win but didn’t do much else except earn a hug.

AFC Bournemouth v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

There’s no denying that this loss hurts. Throwing away a 3-1 lead in the last twenty minutes of a match is nothing short of ultimate terrible Liverpool. We’ve all seen this before, we all have the same arguments. So let’s not go over it while it’s still fresh. Let’s focus on positives. Like Klopp hugs.

Jordon Ibe came off the bench for Bournemouth today at the start of the second half and that was about it. Seems like a lifetime ago that we were debating his sale south, if it was a good idea or not, and if he would do well enough there to warrant that buy back clause. While he had stellar moments with Liverpool, he never quite lived up to the potential everyone else saw in him and Jürgen Klopp cut him loose. Thankfully there were no payback goals from him or devastating assists as the Cherries gained confidence after their penalty. Today only affirmed that even in a loss, he wasn’t quite cut out for this new Liverpool.

Mixed emotions for all involved, to be sure, because it wasn’t so long ago that Ibe was tipped to be part of the future of the club. Klopp, to his credit, made sure that there were still no hard feelings today - despite being on the losing side. The manager made a beeline for Ibe once the finale whistle was blown and while it wasn’t quite as good as the all time favorite from last season, wrapped up the erstwhile Liverpool player in a signature bear hug.

Sure, he went and hugged all the other opposing players and shook hands with the officials because he’s nothing if not a gracious loser, but searching out Ibe and hugging him was a nice touch. Now go watch that Vine a couple million times and try to feel better about today’s match.

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