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Bournemouth Pre-Match Open Thread

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Five questions to pass the time while we wait for kickoff from Vitality Stadium.

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

1) Roberto Firmino and Daniel Sturridge both scored in this fixture last year, the first and only time those two prolific scorers have scored in the same game. Will we see another odd combo of Liverpool goal-scorers today?

2) Will Adam Lallana slot right back into the side, and if so who does he displace?

3) Divock Origi has two goals in as many games. Will he get tapped again to lead the line?

4) Who will be the first Liverpool player off the bench, and in what minute?

5) After picking up 5 yellow cards in his first 11 games as Liverpool's holding midfielder, Jordan Henderson has now gone 4 games without going into the book. Will he end his streak, and if so what will the offense be?

Bonus: Bournemouth have lost all 8 Premier League matches they've played on a Sunday. What's your favorite random and ultimately meaningless stat?