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Peter Crouch Reminisces On His Anfield Days

The former Liverpool #9 and sentient ambulatory pine tree talks about coming back to Anfield on Tuesday

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Arsenal v Stoke City - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Peter Crouch hasn’t been back to Liverpool since the renovations at the Main Stand were finished. In one fairly obvious sense, it means a major aspect of being at Anfield is gone forever.

“I might be able to stand up fully in the tunnel now, so I'm looking forward to that!”

The 6ft 7in beanpole spoke to the official Liverpool website about his return the day after Boxing Day with Stoke, reflecting on his time with the club and his love for the city.

“It is strange [coming back]. I have such fond memories of the club and the fans were so good to me when I was there. Even now, I go back to the city quite a lot and whenever I'm there it's nice to chat to the fans who enjoyed it when I was there. It's difficult to score but that's my job and I enjoy scoring goals so, of course, I've got to try my best for my club at the moment and I'll be doing the same again if I get the opportunity.”

Crouchie also talked up his former team and said he thinks the Reds have a real shot at the title this year, thanks to a resurgent squad under Jürgen Klopp.

“Liverpool are an exciting team. I think the strength is going forward, they're very exciting to watch and they can score goals against anyone. I look forward to playing against them and seeing them close up. Many people are talking about them for the title and it's been far too long since Liverpool won the league. You've got to give huge credit to the manager, he seems to have got a fantastic blend of young, hungry players. They're quick, they're good going forward, exciting to watch, and they're winning games, which is the most important thing. It'll be difficult for us to get a result there but I certainly wouldn't put it past us.”

Players have come and gone over the years, and how we remember them can vary wildly. But it’s really hard to hold anything resembling a grudge for Crouch. Even when he scores against us— it’s only happened three times, but still— the bitter feeling of conceding a goal is quickly replaced by warmth for Crouchie. As if to say, if we had to give up a goal, at least it was him that did it.

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