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The Week in Search Terms: Is Sadio Mané Even Good?

People find their way to TLO using all kinds of search terms. These are a few of them.

Arsenal v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The only problem with Roberto Firmino is some people haven’t embraced the glory of the man bun yet, but it’s those people who are the problem and not Roberto Firmino so what are you gonna do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Universe began with the Planck epoch, which is believed to have lasted 10^-43 seconds following the Big Bang, a period of time so brief we have no physical theory capable of describing it. The four fundamental forces of electromagnetism, gravity, weak nuclear interaction, and strong nuclear interaction were compressed into a single unified force by the temperature of the nascent reality, and as yet any attempts to properly define the physical state of the Universe during the Planck epoch are speculative proposals classed BSM—or physics beyond the standard model.

Roughly 13.82 billion years later, John Houlding founded Liverpool Football Club after a falling out with the Everton committee. Houlding was Everton’s president, and he also owned the land they played on—Anfield. After the split, he founded a new club, and in those earliest years they continued to wear a blue and white quarters kit that had been Everton’s. After a time, a manager named Bill Shankly laid the foundations for the modern club while raising them up from the second division. A while later, the Premier League was formed, which pretty much brings us up to today.

First is going to be Liverpool, obviously. After that it’s probably the Liverpool Reserves. I’m struggling to think of a third but if it comes to me I’ll let you know.

No. He’s great.

Go ahead and catch your refrigerator. I’ll wait.

I’ll admit I’ve not heard of that style, though you may be able to define it in comparison to standard fits like skinny, slim, straight, regular, and loose. If it’s a mid-low rise—meaning a short distance between crotch and the top of the pant such that it sits low on the waist—with a narrow straight leg it’s just a skinny fit masquerading by another name. Regular would have a mid-high rise with slight taper, with boot cut varying that by adding a wider ankle.

Slim can be a bit tricky to pin down, as some companies taper their slim fit to further differentiate it from the slightly narrower skinny fit, while others employ a straight leg for both. The easiest way to tell which way a given company goes is to check whether they offer a slim tapered or slim straight option—a slim taper option means it’s a safe bet their regular slim fit has a straight leg while the existence of a slim straight option would suggest their regular slim is tapered.

In any case, when determining correct fit it’s also worth keeping in mind the marked waist measurement will never actually be the same as the waist opening, which will be larger. This is not an attempt to appeal to the vanity of the consumer by making them think they’re wearing a smaller size pant than they really are. Rather, it reflects that the natural waist to which the marked measurement refers is located slightly above the belly button, above where even a high rise pant would sit.

The wearer, even as a male, is presumed to have some curve to their figure, meaning a mid-high rise pant marked 32” will have a 33” waist, a mid rise will have a 34”, and a mid-low rise will have a 35” waist opening based on the idea that a man whose natural waist measures 32” will have a hip width of around 36”. Depending on body shape, this can mean looking for pants marked smaller or larger than one’s natural waist measurement and that for some the marked size worn may vary based on rise.

Hopefully all of this helps you in making your selection, regardless of the particulars of nathaniel clyne fit.

Transfer window’s closed. Sorry.

I prefer mister, but suppose there’s no accounting for taste.

Oh, well. Good to find out we’re on the same page after all, then.

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