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The Week in Comments: "Netflix and Chilwell"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Borini: “I Want to Score Against Liverpool More Than Anyone Else”

If only he'd taken their offer last year, when everyone told him he wasn't about to play

then he might not be bitter about wasting a year on the bench with a team that told him he wasn’t about to play.

— Mr Sanchez

Klopp: “Nobody is Thinking ‘it’s Only Sunderland’”

Except for Fabio Borini, at various points in time.

— saintgrobian

Klopp and Big Sam Exchange Verbal Blows After Nasty Foul

There is a pattern here. Klopp was quoted after the game against Manchester City that he would rather have lost the game by 4-1 than lose Sakho through injury. He didn’t shake hands with Pulis after Pulis’ player Pulised a Liverpool player. He almost did not shake hands with Allardyce after Allardyce’s player Allardyced a Liverpool player. He was complimentary to both Newcastle or Watford when his team lost to them.
There is a pattern here. Klopp really, really cares for footballers. He especially does not want to see his players injured through dangerous challenges. Klopp has said on many occasions that it’s only in England that people speak about money in football but the game is played all over the world. He is ready to accept football results no matter how bad for him they may be but won’t accept dangerous tackles on his players as part of the game.

— Considerate Passing
The prototypical British manager...

Stuck in the past, favours effort over inspiration, thinks foreigners are "soft" and believes the team that "wants" it the most will win!

When we had Rodgers (for all his faults) at least he wasn’t your prototypical British manager type.

However, he shared the biggest flaw that your typical British managers all have, in that he never wins trophies and he just wasn’t very good at his job.

I’m so happy we have Klopp, a forward thinking modern day manager, who most importantly wins trophies!

Can’t wait to see Klopp bringing trophies back to this team – it has been too long.

— Luis Suarez Dentist

Teenage Prospect Will Make Liverpool Debut in FA Cup, According to Report

Tras: Excited to read this. Never mind the FA Cup, part of me thinks our league starting eleven could use a kick up the arse that the likes of Kent and Tex seem capable of providing.

Zach: What's a Tex?

Tras: A slender rarely seen creature, often used as a platform on which to fashion hopes and dreams.

Liverpool FC Transfer News: Marseille Offer Mandanda to Liverpool

That's not how you spell Marc-André ter Stegen.

— jeremy.wyenberg

Liverpool Have a Benteke Problem Says Jamie Carragher

He's a hell of a backup though. Klopp has shown he doesn’t mind starting a young upstart like Origi in front of Benteke regardless of the fact that Benteke a)cost a fortune b)scores goals and c)wins games. That to me says it’s not a huge problem. The problem isn’t that we have Benteke-it’s more of what we don’t have. Brendan would have played Benteke in every game never giving Origi a chance. We’ve seen ourselves that Benteke can be a better player too-he was every time he played against us for Villa! I think surely Klopp will be looking at other options in the Summer but in the meantime we roll with what we have and hope Big Ben is receptive to re-programming. It takes time to change and while it’s already been a half season-Benteke has been injured for a good portion of that time…

— totokia

Liverpool FC Transfer News: Reds to Poach Leicester City Starlet

Netflix and Chilwell
Welp, I’ll see myself out.

— Henderson's Hair

West Ham 2, Liverpool 0: First Thoughts

Seems it’s time for a whole bunch of man conversations

— toomajian

West Ham 2, Liverpool 0: Man of the Match

DouglasQuaid: How in the name of fuck did Benteke get an upvote? THIS IS NOT HOW RANKER WORKS IN THIS HOUSEHOLD.

max-o: A couple people probably misclicked

ITStheGP: So would it be fair to say it was a poor first touch?

Staff Comment

West Ham 2, Liverpool 0: First Thoughts

Philemon 23: So, Major Overhaul?

Noel: They’ve shown they have talent at times. They’ve clicked against big teams where they can play on the break. The problem is if you don’t have an attacking focal point shit breaks down when you’re forced to build. They don’t need a complete rebuild, just a striker who fits with the rest of the team. Sturridge could be that but he’s Sturridge. Ings could have been it but now he’s Sturridge, too. Origi actually looked like growing into the role and now he might be Sturridge, three.

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(An oldie but a goodie, via Khaine)


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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