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Rumour Mongering: Barnes Expecting More on Teixeira

John Barnes thinks the Alex Teixeira to Liverpool deal isn't dead in the water just yet.

In the know?
In the know?
Clive Mason/Getty Images

With a day to go before the transfer window slams shut, and Liverpool having been linked to multiple players in an effort to fill multiple remaining squad holes, it should be unsurprising to hear of Alex Teixeira's name continue to crop up in a rumored move to Liverpool.

Former Anfield Legend and short short enthusiast John Barnes thinks there are still some legs to the negotiation for the prolific Shaktar Donesk midfielder. And who would know better about legs than John Barnes?

Anfield HQ's Twitter feed has quoted the Englishman as saying: "I would be wary of matching Shakhtar's massive valuation of Teixeira, but I can see late negotiations between the clubs happening." And perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that an extremely talented player that Liverpool have already bid a considerable amount of money for would still be a name being kicked around in the transfer war room.

Barnes also tempered the expectation with that all too familiar but January refrain: "January is a time of rumour and hearsay, but I hope to see the Teixeira come to Anfield before Monday's deadline."

Well then. Hardly inside football revelations there from Barnesy, but as far as we're concerned, one more run at the Shaktar man on or approaching deadline day would not be the worst way to bring this month to a close for Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool. And surely the law of averages dictates that Liverpool will come away with one of these Shaktar approaches sooner or later?

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