Crazy fandom and putting defeat in to perspective

ok so yesterday's football was awful.

Reading the comments all there is wrong with us is a dodgy 'keeper, unsettled CB pairing, no fullback cover, an overrun midfield, no wingers, number 10s that don't create, and a big lump striker that doesn't fit in! Jurgen Klopp should ask for a pay rise!

I managed to watch the game on a mobile phone, and we were a hot mess. But, to be fair my mind and heart were not in to it.

You see I was watching this game on the labour ward and this morning I became a father for the first time to the most beautiful baby girl.

In all honesty, I will still spend far too much time emotionally invested in Liverpool, but now I will have a baby girl to share the experience with.

And who knows, maybe in 40 Years time she can manage this club (and get me free tickets!!!!)

Yesterday may have been an angry day, but today is a brilliant one, and there will be many brilliant days for Liverpool as well under Klopp. We just need to put the defeats in to perspective and trust his brilliance.

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