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The Week in Comments: "bilic, please"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Teixeira Wants January Move, but Shakhtar Increase Valuation to €50 million

Wait, did anyone tell the Ukranians that THEY are the ones selling?

Business Professor: "See, in negotiations, the seller starts high…and then comes down in cost."
Ukrainian Oligarch: "Yes. Start High, go higher."
Business Professor: "No. Start HIGH…then go lower."
Ukrainian Oligarch: "30 Million turns to 40 Million."
Business Professor: "No. Your not listening. The buyer starts low and goes higher."
Ukrainian Oligarch: "OK, then I am buyer."
Business Professor: Sigh

— TMA1

Liverpool Target Alex Teixeira Suffers Hamstring Injury in Training

Injuring your hamstring when Liverpool bid for you is the new "I would always pick Liverpool when playing FIFA as a child."

— Indy Red
Liveryank: Green eggs and hamstrings
I do not like them.

Zachary A. Marx: Do you like them in a house? Do you like them with a mouse?

jaketodd59: Do you like them with a Scouse?

Norwich City 4 Liverpool 5: First Thoughts

if you're miserable after that, you're watching football for all the wrong reasons.

— MamadouTheHump
At the end of the day, it was business as usual, we put 5 past Norwich's keeper!

— Momo1

Klopp: The Kids Did Well, but Give Them Time to Develop

NimjaIV: Is it feasible to have a Liverpool B side in the league?

Nebhamoo: A clubs not allowed to own another club within the FA.
So while this is the absolute perfect solution for clubs like Liverpool its not allowed.

wolf-in-wolf's-clothing: But we owned Exeter for 90 mins.

Liverpool Must “Be Honest and Truthful” About Sturridge

Or is Hamann vocalizing the belief – a belief many of us share – that Sturridge is actually a secret agent working for an intergalactic organization that protects our planet and thousands, if not millions, of other planets from space thugs and star tyrants and an endless assortment of evil doers and that his – Sturridge’s – injuries and absences are caused by epic galactic battles and space radiation and that the club should finally come clean and tell the fans the truth because we can handle it and even though knowing we’re not alone in the universe might freak us out a bit and upset our digestion at least we’re not questioning Daniel’s commitment to the club. Either that or Didi is just being a bit of a dick.

— Canapool

Liverpool Could Lose Sinclair to Spain on a Free Transfer

Buh-bye... or should I say Aidy-os...

— greenmountainred

Liverpool Must “Be Honest and Truthful” About Sturridge

toomajian: This shit has got to be really hurtful for Sturridge to read.

Agent moyes: Don’t tell me he injured his eyes now as well. Jesus when will this ever stop

Staff Comment

Slaven Bilic Denies West Ham Interest in Daniel Sturridge

Bilic, please.

— latortillablanca

Gif of the Week

(via Chief Ralphie the Red)

Though shoutout to toomajian for this:


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Community Notes

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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