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Klopp: Stunning Late Win Against Norwich City Was "Cool, Really Cool!"

Manager Jürgen Klopp gives his characteristic take on the 9-goal stunner of a match which played out between Liverpool and Norwich on Saturday.

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Well, that was something, eh? I mean, if nothing else, I can say with surety at the end of the day that that was absolutely something that happened. I'll leave it to minds smarter than mine to try and parse through what we witnessed play out at Carrow Road. It was very early where I am, and I went to sleep very late, so there's a chance that me watching Liverpool beat Norwich 5-4 thanks to a last gasp goal by Adam Lallana was all a dream.

If it was, though, it was a dream shared with a delighted, if slightly bemused, Jürgen Klopp, who weighed in on his team's performance after the final whistle.

"Until now my heart has been very stress-resistant, so I hope it stays like this!" Klopp said in the post-match press conference.

"I’ve had a few games in my life similar to this, but not with a happy ending. I’ve had 4-4 two or three times and to win 5-4 doesn’t happen often.

"In the end we can be really happy with nearly everything – especially with the three points. A draw would have been deserved for both teams.

"We needed the last moment to get it [the win], but a few days ago we lost a game we shouldn’t have against Manchester United, so today we took something back and that’s OK.

"It was spectacular, wild, good football, and both teams had good moments. The start was not good, but then the first half was good after 15 minutes but we didn’t score the second goal."

Wild, perhaps, though some might disagree with the "good" portion of that sentiment. Firmino -- one player who was undoubtedly good, regardless of the insanity around him --  managed to open scoring, somewhat against the run of play, and then Liverpool promptly lost the plot. They conceded, unsurprisingly, from a corner, and opened themselves up for two more cheap goals before rallying early in the second half. Virtually every shot on target made it into the back of the net on both ends, and the goalkeeping looked like Mignolet and Rudd were acting out an Abbott and Costello sketch from 100 yards away from each other. Good? Eh, maybe not so much. Entertaining? Absolutely.

Regarding Liverpool's continued vulnerability on set pieces, Klopp had this to say:

"We conceded two after set-plays and then they got a third one directly after half-time, but then we started playing football and it was impressive.

"We scored the goals, conceded again off a second ball from a set-play – I can’t believe it – but then we tried one [more] time and Adam Lallana did it. Cool, really cool!

"It’s easy to see, but today even though we [conceded] four goals off set-plays, we defended them better. It was unbelievable.

"They got all of their goals from the second balls at set-plays. Things like this can happen. We had a better formation, better organisation and did what they had to do – defended the first ball – but then they all stayed in the box.

"Now we’ve made different mistakes. We take this and if you win 5-4 it’s a funny story, but it’s not that funny and we have to solve it."

As Klopp, with his usual panache, said, only on a day when Liverpool scored five goals could someone get away with saying that the four goals they conceded were defended better, but thanks to Lallana's stoppage time winner, some leeway can be allowed. Liverpool's defense has been a problem for going on four years now, and something needs to be done sooner rather than later.

But for today, the team has three points in the bag, and deserve the credit for that.

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