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Klopp on Result: "This is a Day to be Angry"

Hot off the heels of West Ham pulling the double over Liverpool and pulling a 2-0 victory, manager Klopp is hopping mad.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

After yet another embarrassing, disappointing result to West Ham this season, manager Jürgen Klopp didn't shy away from holding his players accountable for their poor performances.

"A day to be angry, not disappointed," Klopp said.

"If you know the other team has Andy Carroll, how can you allow crosses? In the first half, West Ham have chances from set plays, a throw-in and bad defending.

"In the second half we have five against one on the sideline, nobody wins the ball again, they cross and...Carroll against Clyne, thank you! No chance for Clyney again, 2-0. That’s what makes me angry.

"There was not enough from my team today. There were some decisive moments when we were there, but not there. It was bad."

Harsh but true words from the manager, who had to be just as frustrated with the performance as those of us watching at home.

After two consecutive, if unconvincing, wins, Liverpool looked ready to storm into the new year. However, tired legs and a rash of unfortunate injuries severally limited the Reds, and it showed on the pitch.

It could be argued that the team also suffered from some bad luck on the day as well. West Ham's first goal, scored by Antonio, was created as a result of an uncalled foul on Alberto Moreno. Regarding the referee's decision, Klopp said:

"It was a foul," he said. "That could have changed the situation, but we reacted not right. We have to avoid this cross.

"We lost the ball on the left side, yellow flag. (Then comes) a cross from the other side, yellow flag. We have to defend better.

"You have to avoid crosses. I know how football works...there are crosses in the game, that's normal. Foul or no foul, it's our fault."

It's a good manager who doesn't allow excuses to try and mask a bad game, and Klopp has made it a point to call out his players who allowed West Ham to create that chance in the first place.

Furthermore, you can also put away those excuses about the busy festive period as well, because Klopp is having none of that:

"Everybody's sore," Klopp said. "We could have done much better. If you fight but not at 100%, 95% is not enough. Who wants to see 95%?

"When I talk about defending I don't want to use words like 'nasty' and 'ugly'. It's football, defending. I was a defender and I enjoyed it.

"It's a nice part of the game, you get dirty afterwards but that's not a problem - you don't have to wash your clothes by yourself!

"You have to get information in each situation. You’ll never find me three days after a win, drunk in a hedge and still celebrating. I know about the things in football and today is our responsibility. It was bad, I told the players after the game. Summary: "not enough."

Yup, that summary sounds about right.

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