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Bordeaux to Give Liverpool Fans Second Allocation of Tickets Starting at £13

Yes, £13, there are no zeroes missing from that price.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Supporters groups up and down England have a variety of gripes with Premier League clubs, and near the top of the list is the price of away tickets. A "Twenty is Plenty" campaign suggests that tickets across the country should be capped at £20 for away supporters given the sometimes exorbitant costs they endure to follow their team across the country in order to help provide the atmosphere that English TV deals so desperately rely on.

It's a plea that has largely fallen on deaf ears, with individual clubs reducing prices in a way that best fits their own budget and ethos. Liverpool has in the past reduced away tickets by as much as £10 per ticket depending on the distance and opposition, but on a £50 ticket that can still end up being twice the £20 that is plenty.

On the continent, though, the ticketing situation can be downright reasonable as compared to the EPL, as Liverpool fans will discover when they travel to Bordeaux next week to kick off their Europa League campaign. Bordeaux are offering Liverpool fans tickets starting from the princely sum of £13 — upwards of £52, which is still cheaper than a Category A Premier League match at Anfield — and not one but two away sections.

As per standard ticket allocation procedures, Liverpool are receiving 2005 tickets for the classic away end, and those tickets will be distributed by the club according to their European cup loyalty schemes that require purchase to previous matches in Champions League and/or Europa League. Where the match against Bordeaux differs is that the French club will set aside four additional blocks of tickets for fans to purchase directly from the club rather than through Liverpool, allowing those without enough loyalty points to attend a match they might not have otherwise been able to attend.

It's a smart move by Bordeaux, who have opened a new stadium this season that has already been marred by one stadium accident. Liverpool's travelling Kop is famous the world over, and though most clubs are loathe to give their opposition any more tickets than they're required to, it seems that the pros of increasing the number of away fans in stadium seems to have outweighed the cons of having the visitors outsing the locals.

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