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The Week in Comments: "If Barnes disagrees with you, you’re wrong."

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Daniel Sturridge Not Likely to Feature Against Manchester United, As Expected by All People on Earth

How can he not be tactically prepared to feature in our attack? He’s been isolated in the U.S. for months now. Seems like he’d slot right in.

— Ian9

Danny Ings Waiting for His Chance

Is this one of those fox and chicken and boat puzzles? You can’t leave Lovren and the points together because Lovren will eat the points. But if Rodgers takes the points, then Lovren will feel too lonely doing stepovers with no one around. So Rodgers has to stay with Lovren, and you have use the Skrtel to get safely across the M62 while avoiding the Rooney troll…

— R2D_2

Liverpool’s Player of the Month: August

I vote the officials for being instrumental in Liverpool getting 4 of their points in August.

— Indy Red

Balotelli “Has Shown an Extraordinary Attitude” Following AC Milan Return

What’s extraordinary and unique about Balotelli is that he’s a young man who is behaving more professionally and doing less stupid shit at age 25 than he did when he was college-aged. Truly remarkable stuff. I naturally give all of the credit to that contract Milan made him sign.

— toomajian

Joachim Low Impressed With Can Debut

Low plays Can at RB, Rodgers is playing him at CM thus far this season, Can’s best position. By the transitive property Rodgers is the better manager and guarenteed to win a World Cup. Math doesn’t lie

— Doctor Jan Itor

I have no idea what to expect from match to match these days.* None whatsoever. During his tenure at LFC, we’ve seen dizzying heights alternating with the most abysmal lows. We’ve seen pragmatism and innovation punctuated by spells of what seemed like naiveté and obstinacy. We’ve seen the transfer equivalents of diamonds in the rough and we’ve seen cubic zirconia bought at diamond prices. We’ve seen one step forward, then one step back, then one step to the side, then one step to nowhere in particular. It’s like the Ministry of Silly Walks. BR must be a horrible dance partner.

Some degree of inconsistency is to be expected from anyone, let alone a still youngish manager. But I agree that we and FSG are at the point where we need to know, and I think FSG will use the (figurative) returns from this summer’s spending to decide whether they have The Real Thing or not in the manager’s seat.

*Except that Lovren will start.

— saintgrobian
*Except that Lovren will start.
After last week. After last year at United. After last season’s first 15 games. After watching Ibe with his arm around Sakho from the bench on Saturday. After realizing that Sakho spends these 2 weeks at Melwood while Lovren is away with his national team.

I still would not be AT ALL surprised if Lovren starts at United.


— smooth sailing

Liverpool's Summer 2015 Transfer Window in Review

It's always a win
When you keep your Coutinhos

— usmc reds
/deep breath

At least we didn’t sell Sakho, Lucas, or Moreno.

/deep breath

— stugots05

Official: Tiago Ilori Completes Aston Villa Move

it’s four games in.
arsenal have scored 3 goals, 2 of which were OGs by the other team.

— ejbauer

Harry Redknapp Thinks Liverpool are "Bang Average", John Barnes Disagrees

If Barnes disagrees with you
You’re wrong.

— Chief Ralphie the Red

Staff Comment

No Room for Enrique or Teixeira in Liverpool’s Europa League Squad

flagged for pre fabricated taco shells. flagged for lemons instead of lime. flagged for disgusting ragu-esque pace picante sauce. flagged for taking an awesome rustic idea of serving on a wooden board and completely undermining it by goin all IKEA on the finish/style. flagged for guantanamo bay levels of sparse topping application. flagged misappropriating the culinary delight to texas.

Rec for correctly appropriating disgusting taco situation with Texas, which is a state that wouldn’t know a taco if it came up and bit it on the tip of its gulf coastline. YA I SAID IT AUSTIN. KEEP SIPPING THOSE PINK PRICKLY PEAR MARGARITAS AUSTIN.

— latortillablanca

Community Notes

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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