Top 20 squads in Europe 2015/16-Cost vs Estimated Worth


1. Real Madrid €587m

2. Manchester City €560m

3. Manchester United €533m

4. Paris St Germain €525m

5. Chelsea €407m

6. Barcelona €394m

7. Liverpool €344m

8. Bayern Munich €337m

9. Arsenal €305m

10. Juventus €301m

11. Tottenham €231m

12. Valencia €226m

13. Inter Milan €212m

14. Napoli €185m

15. Southampton €182m

16. Atlético Madrid €180m

17. Wolsfburg €163m

18. Roma €160m

19. Newcastle €157m

20. Monaco €152m

Estimated Worth (

1. Real Madrid €715.50m

2. Barcelona €657.50m

3. Bayern Munich €559,10m

4. FC Chelsea €531.75m

5. Manchester City €480.85m

6. Paris Saint-Germain €403.65m

7. Arsenal €402.00m

8. Juventus €388.10m

9. Manchester United €377.25m

10. Atlético Madrid €340.50m

11. Liverpool €330.25m

12. Tottenham Hotspur €288.00m

13. Borussia Dortmund €287.45m

14. Napoli €262.75m

15. Valencia €262.50m

16. Roma €258.85m

17. Inter Milan €238.98m

18. Wolfsburg €205.65m

19. AC Milan €203.75m

20. Everton €194.30m

Transfermarket values are only a guideline (feel free to click on the link to form your own opinions), but seem to speak some general truths.

English clubs in general are punching below their weight, not just in international performances but in actual personnel quality it would seem.

The worst main performers according to this are Manchester United (3rd/9th), Manchester City (2nd/5th), Southampton (15th/23rd), and Newcastle (19th/32nd).

Among the few English clubs with positive return are Arsenal (9th/7th), Chelsea (5th/4th) and Everton (23rd/20th).

Liverpools performance (7th/11th) is close to the English norm, though thanks to Chelsea and Arsenal, Liverpool are ranked lower in actual value than squad cost.

Looking at TM alone, Liverpool are up to 5th in England for the 2nd season in a row, while Manchester United have plummeted from 2nd to 4th and €150m. Encouragement can be drawn from the notion that Liverpool's value is now closer to Man United than it is to Tottenham (looking at you Rodgers).

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