Playing to the strengths

In first four games of our season, one can not help but notice some obvious fault in our tactics. I am not calling myself tactical genius but it is very obvious that Benteke needs support, not just crosses flying in but the support players who could benefit from his holdup play and flick on. Where is that run from striker who can take benefit of those defense splitting passes from coutinho? Why Moreno is in bench when it is pretty obvious that his darting run provides that width we need so desperately.

Here I have listed strength of our players.

1. Clyne and Moreno: Both of them posses pace that could prove very beneficial for width and pace we lack so dearly, and also they can cross too. Actually, they are among the best in our squad to provide crossing, at lest they have proved it in their career.

2. Lucas: Even BR knows he is the best we have got in Defensive midfield role. Slow he is but he posses all other skills for that role. A important figure against big teams. But rotation is key here, and in home games against bottom half teams, Can can provide it. One good thing about him is he can play short passes really well that gonna help our midfield to tick.

3. Milner and henderson: Both of them has great engine. They should be allowed to run helping in both defense and attack. Miner in right and henderson in left or vice-versa. There not much of a debate here. They share the responsibility of providing some width and also crosses for Big Man Benteke. Both can support our wing back in run forward and backward with their passing and positioning. I think milner provides more going forward. Going through the videos in youtube, i was surprised to see how much of a threat milner can be from his long shot. We have seen henderson doing that enough to convince that he can do it again in coming days.

4. Coutinho: Our main man, Mr magician, he will be more comfortable in no 10 role. He can accelerate and have a cracker at goal, break down defense with his skills and dribbling, and that defense splitting pass i was talking about. With sturridge out, who could be that men to take advantage from it. Don't be surprised when i tell this, but INGS can be that man. Yes, that lad can run and finish also. Having a player like that in the team is always good for the showing of coutinho. It will only provide that space for coutinho to show what he can do with it. Firmino is very simiar to Coutinho, but having both on the field and playing them wide doesn't let them play to their strength.

5. Benteke and Ings(Sturridge): Benteke has enormous strength and he can hold the play. he will surely benefit if provided with a strike partner i.e. Ings for now. He can cause more havoc in the final third if he is provided with support. As we all know that we are not flying in crosses when ever we get chance. Ings has pace and that determination to prove his desire to be 1st team regular. And he has that instinct of being in right place at right time.

6. Skrtel, Sakho and Mignoet: Pretty obvious!!! Say NO to LOVrEN, at lest for now.

This is what i think is the best way to get the best out of our player. Everyone can play to their strength and we will have a much needed identity which we lack since that magical 442 diamond. Rest of the squad should be rotating, but this bunch of player should be our starting 11 for now. What is your thought mates??

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