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The Week in Comments: "i'm gonna gray that comment"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Brendan Rodgers Reportedly on the Verge of Sack

This sucks. All of this fucking sucks. Thank god the weekend is almost here. I want to crawl under a blanket and just sleep all day. This is what I get for investing and unhealthy amount of emotion in LFC, I guess.

— ejbauer

Chief Ralphie the Red: It’s moments like these that I really hate being colorblind.

Ken Mueller: i'm gonna gray that comment

Rodgers Fires Back at Haters

They said I could never run a marathon
But look at me now – ten minutes in and barely a sweat! Where are these so called "doctors" now?

— RogerTheShrubber

Liverpool 1(3), Carlisle United 1(2): First Thoughts

Zach: Must I cover our next League Cup match…because…I don’t know if I can. That was excruciating.

DLH2160: This is Liverpool, there’s no way you’re getting rotated or subbed.

Lovren Feared Out For "At Least Two Months"

So here's what you do, Dejan
You get better. You do your physio, chat with Flafu, build your strength. Then, every match day, you sit in the stands and watch Sahko. Watch how he reads the game, how he maintains distance from attackers running at him, how he allows the game to come to him. Watch how he picks the pass, is decisive and keeps his focus. Then, when you are back on the pitch, remember all you have seen. Do as Mamadou, not as Mamadon’t.

— RedInOz

Klopp Drops Kop Hint

Klopp has already swiped right
Why won’t Liverpool do the same.

— Indy Red

Boos Greet Latest Poor Liverpool Performance

Booze greets every Liverpool performance, really

— toomajian

Liverpool 3, Aston Villa 2: First Thoughts

/gets off BR Out Train
/has coffee in the station
/finds a place to get a sandwich and a glass of wine
/it’s a decent sandwich, not the best sandwich ever, but showed promise
/wonders if he should get back on the train or not.
/maybe one more glass of wine?

— max-o

Staff Comment

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Liverpool versus Arsenal for William Carvalho

BarackGoesWHAP: Can't throw a stick in the bundesliga
Without hitting an incredible prospect at ANY position lol.
I’d agree though, I think Wanyama is solid, but his price will be high, especially with completion from other PL teams.
Also, how do you find these guys LTB? Lol

latortillablanca: i dont have children. or a dog. or plants.


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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