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The Week in Comments: "is it because of the way he runs?"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

How many upside down scarves can YOU count?
How many upside down scarves can YOU count?
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Community Comments

Bordeaux vs. Liverpool: Match Preview, Team News, and Ways to Watch

maninblack: I don’t see this ending well

saintgrobian: The beginning might suck too.
Seriously, I just want something to celebrate. I’ve only celebrated 2.5 times this year. Coutinho’s Stoke goal, which was preceded by 80 minutes of misery. Benteke’s first goal, which then turned into relief at offside no-call. Then half a celebration at Benteke’s overhead kick. I shot up from my bar stool, "OH SHIT!!!", knocking the bar stool over in the process. Then, a very confused bunch of college football fans stared awkwardly at me, then up at the TV. A few oohs and ahhs from the casual observers as they watched the replay, and then I shamefully picked up my stool realizing we were down 2-1 to ManU and it was more likely to end up 3-1 than 2-2.

Basically, the most fun I’ve had is the 0-0 draw at Arsenal; we all need something to properly celebrate.

— ITStheGP

Rodgers Pre-Match Presser: Out Of Touch, Out Of Ideas

Say what you will about the tenants of Everything's The Worst...
at least it’s an ethos.

— Mr Sanchez

On Brendan Rodgers and Waiting for the End

in another way of speaking
It’s the lack of calls for patience that speaks loudest in my mind.

— poorscouserbobby

Suarez to Gerrard: Look After Philippe Coutinho When I'm Gone

Suarez to Gerrard: "Even I didn’t say this many stupid things about my time at the club after I left"

— Ed
Step 1 – Coutinho becomes best friends with Lovren.
Step 2 – Real Madrid or Barcelona don’t buy Lovren.
Step 3 – Coutinho doesn’t want to leave Liverpool without his best friend Lovren.
Step 4 – Liverpool keeps Coutinho. And Lovren. But they keep Coutinho.

— Jooseppi
We need to start undermining Real and Barca’s appeal to our players.
- Camp Nou has a no pugs policy.
- Real don’t allow games nights.
- Spain is a bad climate for colorful woolly jumpers.

— RedInOz

Henderson America-Bound As Injury Woes Continue

is it because of the way he runs?

— treetrunks

Staff Comment

I don’t remember what convinced me to abandon ETW as TLO’s tag-line, but whatever it was I obviously made a mistake. Because everything is always the worst and football is awful and the universe wants you to suffer.

— Noel

Gif of the Week

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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