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Lallana: Bad Liverpool Results Won't Continue

Adam Lallana's comments actually came before the Bordeaux game and seem mildly prescient after his goal. You just can't seem to throw a stone in Liverpool's locker room these days without having done so through telekinesis.

Romain Perrocheau/Getty Images

Continuing the psychic theme that appears to be running through this 2015/16 season for Liverpool, Adam Lallana's pre-Bordeaux Europa League comments seem awfully prescient in hindsight. For a guy who, at times, appears to see the game differently than your average player, news of Lallana joining Roberto Firmino in the psychic crew at Liverpool is as predictable as it is delightful.

Before the mildly positive yet mostly also sort of soul draining Europa League fixture against Bordeaux, Lallana had a thing or two to say about Liverpool's season. Starting with a thinly veiled double entendre about his eternal fitness, the Englishman continues to sound very captain-y whenever he goes on record. And lets be honest, the Reds are desperate for some sort of tonic these days, even if it's just from a set of quotes.

"We’ve had a couple of bad results but that won’t continue. I’ve got an immense amount of confidence that results will turn.

"As a club we have got to stick together through the good times and the bad times. This is a good chance to start getting a bit of momentum back again."

Of course, most fans would prefer to have a bit more on field production generating confidence these days. And sitting on the other side of what was ultimately another demonstration of Rodgers-led capitulation in Europe, Lallana's goal and positive take can only move the needle so far.

That said, it is actually good to hear the right noises coming out of the playing staff at the club. In particular when much of this playing staff has a bone or two to pick with Rodgers' selection methods. As for Lallana, who joins Jordon Ibe in being much derided this season for form that is most fairly couched as early season struggles, the goal could be an important spark. And this team absolutely needs its skill players to start sparking into form.

Further, this sort of professionalism and skill set is simply great to have around, regardless of form fluctuations or injury wobbles. The guy never gives you problems off the field, is generally useful and versatile on the field, and how on earth could you possibly have anything bad to say about that smile, what is wrong with you people.

Certainly Brendan Rodgers will appreciate the positive influence from the famously priced England international. In particular with the continued absence of resident rainbow generator, and smile connoisseur, Jordan Henderson. Chin up, folks, Norwich City is on deck.

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