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Bordeaux 1, Liverpool 1: First Thoughts

In the end, a draw was probably a fair result, but a frustrating one after Lallana's goal put Liverpool in front with two-thirds of the game already gone.

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Bordeaux 1 Jussie 81'
Liverpool 1 Lallana 66'

  • Pre-match thoughts: With the expected massive overhaul to the team, I can't say I'm overly optimistic about our chances. Let's hope some of these B-Teamers can do things the A-Team cannot: look dynamic and threatening in front of goal. Firmino doesn't make the starting XI, and that makes me a sad panda.
  • The black Europa League patches look better than the old red/yellow ones. The captain's arm band looks great on Mamadou Sakho, mostly because everything looks great on Mamadou Sakho, especially football boots when he plays.
  • Liverpool come out with three CBs. Rodgers going back to what worked (until it didn't) last year. Let's see how it comes off.
  • Holy cow! Pace and taking on defenders on the left. Good to see Alberto Moreno back in red (or white in this case).
  • Coutinho with a chance at the top of the box! Pulls the effort just wide, but dare I say...Liverpool look feisty in the opening minutes.
  • Can tries to do his best Benteke scissor kick, but isn't Benteke and hits it weakly right at the keeper. And then a defensive lapse nearly helps the hosts break the deadlock on the other side. Because of course.
  • Liverpool looking dangerous going forward...and dangerous going backward. Bordeaux have had the better of the chances so far.
  • Good linkup and run by Moreno and Origi. Unfortunately Origi was offside. And missed the target anyhow. But still.
  • Toure Injured, Chirivella on. The Yute Movement continues. Can moves to the back line, Chirivella to the middle. Toure had been caught out several times for pace, so maybe this isn't the worst.
  • Half-time thoughts: The teams enter the dressing rooms knotted at zeroes. It wasn't a bad first half from Liverpool, but they're slightly lucky to be on level terms. Bordeaux had the better chances, with several through balls catching out our defenders throughout the half. Bordeaux could have easily scored on a free kick from a dangerous area, but the deflection took it safely into Mignolet's hands. Coutinho provided the best chances for Liverpool, his first shot narrowly pulled wide, and his second blistering shot coming back off the woodwork. Rossiter looking pretty good in the center of the park, but he's been rash with a couple tackles and needs to be careful if he doesn't want to pick up a booking or two.
  • Good opening few minutes of possession to start the half for Liverpool. Leads to nothing, but still, passes to each other! Keeping the ball! Well done.
  • Free header by Bordeaux off a corner! Liverpool living dangerously. If they get a result tonight, it'll be the result of a good deal of luck. A few minutes later Bordeaux miss a point blank chance.
  • Lallana finally gets his goal! He's been dangerous several times so far tonight. Makes a brilliant turn, a beats a couple of defenders in the box, and puts it away in the far corner! Against all odds (and the run of play) Liverpool are in front!
  • Ings replaces Origi, who--shocker!--has been largely isolated throughout the night. Ings nearly makes an instant impact with a great first touch to put himself through on goal. Unfortunately the shot wasn't enough to beat the Bordeaux keeper.
  • GHAAA!!! Liverpool concede in the 80th minute, because of course they did. A good bit of trickery leaves Gomez and Can completely befuddled, and now we're level 1-1.
  • Full-time thoughts: Sakho awkwardly bossed the backline like a boss all night. DAMMIT RODGERS PLAY SAKHO ON SUNDAY. Despite the low scoreline, it certainly wasn't a boring affair tonight. Lots of attacking play from both sides, and the draw is probably a fair result. Great return to action from Adam Lallana, who grew into the game as time went on and his goal was well deserved. Coutinho deserved more from his effort from range, but showed some good link up play in and around the box with Lallana. The three central defenders opened things up a bit for Liverpool, so hopefully this is a performance Rodgers and company can actually build on. And, it must be said, a decent showing from the yutes, especially Rossiter. 

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We'll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today's game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven't already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we'll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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