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Jordon Ibe Commits Future To England Over Nigeria

In an utterly unsurprising turn of events, Jordon Ibe has committed his international future to England.

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Trond Tandberg/Getty Images

Jordon Ibe, who was born in London and has made his debut with the England Under-21s this past September, has confirmed that he will be giving his services to the Three Lions. The winger is also eligible to play for Nigeria, and their coach, Sunday Oliseh, had tried to convince Ibe to make the switch to play for the African side. However, Ibe has chosen to remain loyal to the place of his birth, which is a decision that should come as a surprise to no one

This was all done but the formalities, and not even Oliseh would have really thought there was a chance to change Ibe's mind, though one can't blame him for trying.

About the decision, Ibe said, in an interview on the official site, "It was my choice and it feels the right choice for me. I was born here and have played in the younger age groups. I want to take it up to the first team one day."

It seems likely, given England's current crop of players, that Ibe's opportunity may come soon rather than later. After a long, hard season, injuries might even let him make the Euros squad this summer.

Regarding his recent Under-21s debut, he said, "It was great and I enjoyed myself. I felt as though Joe (Gomez) and I did well. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to the coming games. You want to represent your country well. Even at times when you’ve not got games for Liverpool, doing well with England is vital."

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