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Rumo(u)r Mongering: Jurgen Klopp To Replace Danny Blind As Netherlands Manager

After disappointing in Euro qualifications, reports suggest that Jurgen Klopp may be the next Netherlands manager.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

With the same connect-the-dots journalism that has linked Klopp with Brendan Rodgers's current position, The Express has come out with a report that Klopp may be next in line for the Netherlands job if Danny Blind's men fail to qualify for the Euros.

Holland has had a miserable time in qualifiers, but in reality, they have not impressed in quite some time. Under Danny Blind, the team suffered qualifier defeats to both Turkey and Iceland. Their only saving grace at this point is the change in the competition, which allows for 24 teams, expanded from sixteen, to make it through qualifying. Right now, the Dutch find themselves fourth in their group, two points away from a play-off place.

It's not unrealistic to think that Blind will lose his job, should they not find a way through. Jurgen Klopp is one of a select few high profile managers who are currently available, and he's recently come out with comments stating that he didn't want to work with a "big club," but instead was looking for a challenge. As much as that description could include Liverpool, it also, at the moment, could include the Netherlands.

What's most likely is that we will see Klopp linked to every team facing trouble from now until he finally chooses a destination.

There are some Liverpool fans hoping that he pledges his future with the club if boss Brendan Rodgers gets the sack. The fact is that FSG have given their support and plenty of financial backing to Rodgers, and it will take worse than back-to-back terrible performances for them to start questioning his future. However, if, heaven help me, these results continue and the owners are forced into a move, it would be nice to have Klopp available.

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