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Pre-Manchester United Overnight Open Thread

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Five questions to pass the time as we wait for kick off from Old Trafford.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

1) With Brendan Rodgers doubling down in his pre-match press conference on Dejan Lovren being beyond reproach, are we likely to see Mamadou Sakho for any reason?

2) Who pairs with Lovren on the left, Joe Gomez or Alberto Moreno?

3) Which attacking players start, and which feature from the bench?

4) How many substitutions will Brendan Rodgers use?

5) Will anyone see the red mist?

Bonus: the Toronto International Film Festival is happening right now and I am pre-scheduling TLO posts and attending screenings galore. TIFF often sets the pace for determining what the Oscar frontrunners are, but there are lots of other non-contenders that see their first audiences here too. What's one film you're looking forward to seeing this fall?