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The Week in Comments: "Modther knows best"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Liverpool Drawn in Europa League Group B with Rubin Kazan, Bordeaux, and FC Sion

Looks like BR has been Rubin his lucky rabbit's foot
Don’t wanna be overconfident, but I’m just Sion, it’s hard to wine about this draw.

— RogerTheShrubber

Markovic Set for Fenerbahçe Loan

Heres a thought
Try using him for the other 20 games we are going to be playing.
That’s like 1800mins of first team action. Throw in 5 sub appearances in the league at worst and you’re talking about 2000 mins all up.
That’s not bad going.
Also as much as I’m a fan of Ibe, Markovic is way ahead of him.
Also, if you wanna loan, why not do it at Swansea, Bournemouth?
Surely that’s better for his development.

— Nebhamoo

Balotelli: “It’s Not a Goodbye”

and in return for those concessions AC Milan will promise to do more than just pay lip service to tackling racist fans, right?

— saintgrobian

Balotelli's Mohawk: Well shit....

Liveryank: May need new forum name rec

Balotelli's Mohawk: "Balotelli's Club-mandated Generic Hairstyle"
Doesn’t have the same ring... :( :(

Arsenal 0, Liverpool 0: Man of the Match

Brendan Rodgers
MOTM match for me. Got tactics dead on. The players didn’t finish their chances and Cech was outstanding. Other than that I’m pleased at the set-up going in.

— jaketodd59

Liverpool 0 West Ham 3: First Thoughts

So, score one for the people that said ignore the results because we’ve looked like crap the first three games. If not for a Coutinho worldie and a wrongly allowed goal we are probably sitting on 3 points from 4 games. Rodgers still can’t figure out a defense and can’t set the team up to break down a team determined to park the bus and counter. Lovren is still a disaster, Skrtel not much better.

Hope FSG are making inquires with Klopp before some other team does.

— Indy Red

Arsenal 0, Liverpool 0: Goalkeeping Heroics Ensure Draw

epicskyline: Tiny Jordan Rossiter though!

ChrisLFC: He was good positionally, I thought, in his short stint. Quality for a 12 year old.

Rodgers Says Lucas Leiva Will Not be Sold

Can't believe Rodgers actually said the words "Defensive Midfield Player".

— PeterQuill

Ground Control to Uncle Tom: Mario Balotelli, AC Milan, Racism, and Hairspray

Chuck: Can you explain how his hair will be disruptive?

Farce of Nature: His team-mates think about the clothes he was wearing before the game and they misplace passes. Then they see that he has had the club emblem expertly shaved into his head and they stare at Mario’s flamboyant hairstyle rather than keeping an eye on the opposing players or the ball. The opposing side slides past and gets a goal. All because of Mario Balotelli’s—but no one else’s—clothing and hairstyle choices.

Ground Control to Uncle Tom: Mario Balotelli, AC Milan, Racism, and Hairspray

And because we know everyone can be better than they were in that moment. :)

Agent moyes: Modther knows best

Staff Comment

Liverpool Drawn in Europa League Group B with Rubin Kazan, Bordeaux, and FC Sion

So far this season

Bordeaux are 0-2-1 in the league, with a 2-3 GD
Kazan are 1-0-5 in the league, with a 2-10 GD
Sion are 2-2-2 in the league, with a 8-10 GD

So. We better fucking win this group.

— Khaine


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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