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Liverpool 0 West Ham 3: First Thoughts

Buzzing possessional play didn't quite come off in the first half for Liverpool as West Ham exploited mistakes to take a two-nil lead. A lead they would add to after Coutinho and Noble get sent off.

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Liverpool 0
West Ham 3 Lanzini 3', Nobel 29', Sakho 92'

  • Quick ball movement and a 50 yard Dejan special that found its mark to start. That a way, lads.

  • Bilic should maybe consider accepting reality and going with a buzzcut.

  • And the hot start leads to a goal! For the opposition! All about that crisp passing, hot tempo, and completely whiffing on clearances if you're going to hand goals to teams. Lanzini in the right place and time to exploit Gomez's error.

  • Roberto Firmino is a two footed demonic angel of bloodtwisting excellence. Quite a hit that slapped the left upright in the early going.

  • Pretty clear out-to-in attacking impetus from West Ham. Not a bad ploy, apparently, as it gave Liverpool fits whether in transition, of set pieces, or any other context.

  • Joe Gomez cuts inside to that right foot nearly every single time he has the ball. Not even sure its nearly, actually, could be every single time.

  • Is that attacking chemistry we see developing between Firmino and Clyne? Watch out.

  • West Ham have a couple seriously nice players in Lanzini and Payet. Two way players with nice touch and a simple approach to possession. Gave Liverpool all sorts of problems in the first half.

  • The second goal against, well... Dejan Lovren, ladies and gentlemen, Dejan Lovren. Nice, calm finish from Mark Noble.

  • No one wants to see a guy get injured, and Lovren looked to really be struggling at the end of the first half. Hope he's ok.

  • Tactical developments! Back 3! Welcome to the wild and wack world of a Moreno-Lovren left side, James Milner.

  • Oh and by the way, a red card for Philippe Coutinho. Was that even an actual tackle by Coutinho?

  • Tell you what was a tackle--the one that caught Sakho halfway through the second half.

  • Its so weird how comfortable and good Joe Gomez looks playing as a right footed, right sided centerback. Also weird was how comfortable West Ham looked falling into the Allardician wheelhouse of mucking through a game.

  • Nice early, expansive play from Danny Ings. He's certainly a mover.

  • Last ditch tactical developments! Ebay! And then West Ham start turning the screw? Whatever, this game got soul-draining a long time ago.
  • WHAT'S THAT RED CARD NOBLE OMG... Oh wait, we're still down two. Directness is nice though, lads, thanks Ibe.

  • Dejan Lovren with a pretty awesome clearance there in the 82nd, otherwise that would have been a goal against for West Ham.
  • Dimitri Payet get his round of applause for the day, and then the 3rd. Does anyone else have a hankering for a Matlock marathon?

liverpool blog fc sbn

We'll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today's game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven't already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we'll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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