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The Week in Search Terms: Suarez' Secret

People find their way to the Liverpool Offside using all kinds of search terms. Some of those terms can seem strange, unusual, or just in need of an answer. Here are a few of them.

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when does liverpool fc enter the league cup in season 2015/2016

As one of the eight teams who qualified for European competition last season, Liverpool enter the League, aka Capital One, Cup in the third round proper. It means the Reds don’t have to play in the second round on August 24th when the Premier League sides not in Europe get added in and will instead see their first action on September 21st.

Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham, Southampton, and West Ham are the other sides who join the competition—and the 24 teams that emerge victorious from the second round—at that point.

tribunal fee danny ings

There hasn’t been a date set yet for the tribunal, but based on past cases, it’s likely Liverpool will find out what they owe Burnley for Ings early in 2016. It’s a long time to wait, but that’s par for the course for this sort of thing. Burnley remain hopeful of a settlement of around £10M due to Tottenham’s reported £12M bid for the player, while Liverpool hope the fee will not exceed £7M. Despite a promising pre-season, Ings hasn't made it off the bench in Liverpool’s first two games of the new season.

suarez secret

He has a fondness for human flesh and yerba mate? Though suppose that’s not entirely a secret.

sterling wages per wk

Raheem Sterling is reportedly on wages of around £200k a week at Manchester City, making him one of the ten richest football players in the world by salary. The 20-year-old is currently England’s fifth richest earner, and he draws a bigger paycheque each week from City’s coffers than Suarez does from Barcelona's.


Eyestop was an optometrist and eyewear store located in Mesa, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. It is now permanently closed, though judging by the often negative Google and Yelp reviews, this perhaps isn’t surprising. Nearby Acuity Eye Center and Tempe Eyecare Associates may be able to help with your optometry and eyewear needs.

about epl transfer news

It’s mostly made up bullshit.

how many players did liverpool sign last season

Liverpool signed eight senior players last season, but one of those was Divock Origi, who was immediately loaned back to Lille and never trained with the club, meaning there were seven new first team players to integrate into the squad last year. So far this summer, there have been six new first team outfield signings brought into the first team fold plus Origi and backup goalkeeper Adam Bogdan.

why u put me offside with hardlife

You might have done something horrible in a past life, I suppose. Or done something to annoy the deity of your choice. Perhaps it’s that you didn’t work hard enough. Or perhaps you did but just didn’t have the luck of time and place and parents and connections to ever have much of a chance of success regardless. Maybe this is all a big test, or perhaps the existence of pain, suffering, and hardship is necessary to add depth of meaning to the more positive moments in life. And it could always be that you’ve been confined to a simulated reality as a form of punishment and all the rest of us are virtual people constructed out of ones and zeroes to give weight and texture to your purgatory.

But hey, at least there’s Liverpool to distract you from all of that for a few hours each week, right? Unless Sakho and Lucas get sold, at least. Then it's just more misery being piled on.

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