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Safety License Issued; Danger Zone Dreams Dashed

Anfield's redevelopment continues to tick forward, with a fresh safety license the latest box to be checked on the project.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Nicholas Rowe wrote of his beating heart being bound with exulting emotion. He was most likely referencing zoning permits, safety ordinances, or any other number of hot-button, white-knuckle issues that come along with the daily grind of big ticket construction within Liverpool's city limits.

Indeed, one might wonder what on Fowler's Red Earth would drive anyone to skim over a topic that at a certain point will literally come down to paint drying. In particular when the option is reading about how the transfer window remains open, and we're either close, very close, or ludicrously close to allowing our only defensive midfielder, our best center back, or our best left back to walk out of the door. In the face of that sort of disregard for the team's well being, who doesn't love a bit of codified safety?

Getting to the brass tacks, the license in question is one that needed to be granted to allow for the Main Stand to increase in capacity from 5,000 to 8,500. And if that seems like a 70% increase in capacity for the new Main Stand, that is because it is. One can only imagine the thundering resonance this greater number of inebriated Scousers will be able to impart on opposing eardrums.

Don't get us wrong, now--5,000 supporters at max volume is nice. That's a proper stand, and a well coordinated effort amongst 5,000 screaming friends is more than enough to rustle some jimmies. But 8,500 (!!!) undulating vocal chords pitching to and fro a mass hysteria? One might go so far as to call that a pants-wettingly electrifying sonic experience. Were anyone to be wearing pants.

Now, all good things come at a cost, and this development within the redevelopment is no different. Prior to this safety license being approved, sitting in this expanded Main Stand would have had a bit more risk involved, would be bit more thrilling. Fans taking the A59 to the A580 on their route to Anfield could even have been described as taking a highway to the danger zone. And who doesn't exhibit that bit more exuberance in the face of danger? It's a bit like playing center back with Jay Spearing and Charlie Adam as your double pivot: not for everyone, and it never  really ends well, but what a ride.

Yet, again, circling back to the terrifying propositions being bandied about where it concerns transfers out from Liverpool's playing squad, doesn't a bit of well documented security feel nice?  All boring, and notarized, and vetted. If only we could get Liverpool a safety license to ensure the retainment of fan favorites on the Mersey, then we'd really be feeling cozy these days. As it is, bring on Bournemouth and the fire breathing dragon that is the rumor mill.  It's almost over, folks.

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