Could we end up going back to a 3-5-2?

With Lucas on the outs and no other real holding midfielder on the roster (sorry Can) is it possible that we end up going back to a playing three center backs in order to free up Milner and Henderson to go forward? It wuld mean playing Clyne and either Gomez or Moreno (who would actually fit every well in this role) in more forward positions than typical wing backs but since we don't really have any midefielders that like to stay wide anyways this might actually benefit our attack. I could see something like this being interesting:






Milner and Henderson would control the center of the pitch, Coutino would play forward on the left and cut in with Moreno providing width down the flank. This would get Sahko back in the starting line-up where he belongs and prevent us from either shoe-horning a player like Can or Allen into a role they don't really fit or even worse not playing a holding midfielder at all. I'd love to hear thoughts on this.

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