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Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Keita Balde Diao, Perhaps?

Lazio and Liverpool are linked once again this transfer window, this time in a deal to bring Keita Balde Diao to Anfield. Will the third time be the charm?

Red would look good on him.
Red would look good on him.
Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

One of Liverpool's repeated gossip column cha-cha-cha partners this summer has been Lazio. Fabio Borini and Mario Balotelli have both run the gossip gamut in being linked to the light blue half of the Eternal City. Depending on who you ask, it may not be the worst move for all parties concerned.

We know the routine: first overtures, then amenability, then an imminent deal! Then a done deal with the club, but not the player. Then a deal with the player, but not the club. And then the twist: a hang up, a snafu, or a cellular deadzone drops the bottom out of the whole negotiation. And now there is an overture for young Keita Balde Diao in the airwaves! So, feel free to enter your .gif reaction of choice by scrolling on down the screen.

The 20 year old Catalan-Senegalese pisces has started to turn some heads on the left side of Lazio's attack the last couple of seasons. This is after going through La Masia and picking up his certification for being a future Liverpool transfer target. One of two supremely talented teenaged forwards on Lazio's books--Mamadou Tounkara is the other--you better believe Keita Balde is lauded as the future on compilation videos found on the internet. He could also combine with Tounkara in qualifying to make some magic happen for Senegalese squads of the future.

They are the logical in-house solution if a mega Felipe Anderson sale sheers Lazio's attack of some of its most important dynamics. But the Anderson deal hasn't yet come off and Diao's contract is reportedly running down. With Anderson around, Diao would certainly be more expendable, and Lazio aren't shying away from too many deals under this ownership.

For Liverpool, you may not want to expend too many resources on it, but you could do worse than replacing your undeniable, turbocharged mohawk connoisseur with an undeniable, turbocharged mohawk connoisseur. Diao also needs end product consistency, which will sound familiar to Liverpool fans. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff--the kid is raw. Not at all hating on the hair, though, and Ibe and Markovic are still at a developmental stage where you may as well continue to play the numbers game at that position.

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