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Three Amigos Steer Clear of Senior Squad

Mario Balotelli, Jose Enrique, and Fabio Borini walk into a bar together...

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

You've read this one, right? Game today, the curtain raiser for the 2015-16 season is 'round the bend, and Brendan Rodgers has galvanized the frame of the exit door for the Enrique-Borini-Balotelli triumvirate. And we're not mad. We're not mad. We're just disappointed. Yes its been coming, but we've come too far to not celebrate it now: this particular corner of Liverpool's history is walking its cooky behind out the door. And it's probably for reals this time.

Not that you have to be surprised--its not like we haven't been given enough warning for these moves. But the finality always stings a bit.

For Jose Enrique its about the curtailing of a remarkably proficient career in Red. The steadiest of man defenders. He could control the left flank for you with just enough wiley offensive tricks. He is a social media savant, and those pecks will just not ever, not once, allow themselves to quit. Cult classic.

Only bummer about professional sports is they often require knees, though. And it's long since that we've lost count of Enrique's injuries, and the rehabs he's endured, but we never want to be rid of him.

Fabio Borini is, well, we still haven't quite figured out what he's playing at. Borini's entering Raheem Sterling territory here in terms of counsel. What's more ridiculous than Borini's refusal of perfectly acceptable transfer moves is that he could have played a million times last season. When Lambert's legs weren't quite enough, and neither Balotelli nor Sterling were quite the natural fit, Fabio Borini could have been given a steady dose of games. Hard to imagine it going any worse, right? So you got that going for you, Fabio, which is nice.

Clearly Balotelli has been on the outs. Quiet as a church mouse and talented as a devil, the finest mohican to brush up against This Is Anfield faces perhaps his last chance at prominence in the game. The man's narrative has been at a perpetual crossroads for a few years now, but we're confident his actual game will lash out with some blinding bit of skill in the short term. That will be happening on another team, of course...

And as for Rodgers, beyond the indulgent dig now and then, this is the man at the wheel of the grand old ship. Of course he deserves to read and react to the stirring of swells as he sees fit.

We're getting closer now, folks, we're getting closer!

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