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Tim Sherwood Confident Of Keeping Benteke

Although seeing Christian Benteke in a Liverpool kit feels inevitable, Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood is certain the big striker will remain a Villain, and he has a £100 to prove it.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

The Interwebs were abuzz yesterday with fresh rumours that Liverpool were finally--perhaps mercifully--ready to trigger Christian Benteke's £32.5M release clause, despite earlier indications that the Merseyside giants would refuse to exceed their £25M valuation of the Belgian striker.

However, Aston Villa boss Tim Sherwood was willing to put his money where his mouth is, betting Sky Sports reporter Pete Colley £100 that his star striker would still be at Villa when the transfer window closes:

"Yeah, another £100 that he will [remain at Villa]. Listen we want Christian here, we want to keep our best players and Christian is certainly one of those."

As the above quote implies, this is Sherwood's second such bet with Colley, having won the last one over the possibility of new ownership for the Birmingham club.

Sherwood's statements could give us an indication that the two clubs still remain unwilling to bridge the valuation gap. Or it could be meaningless bluster. Or it could mean that he has an extra 100 quid to throw around.

The one thing that is clear is that no one in the media has a firm grasp of the ongoing transfer drama between Liverpool and Aston Villa over Benteke. Nor does it appear that any significant movement will be happening any time soon.

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