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Flan Again? Jon Flanagan Shares Rehab Update

Liverpool FC's resident everyman continues a road to recovery in a career that has featured highs, lows, and scarce middle ground between the two.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Epic. That's Flafu's lane. His slides result in more than just tackles on an opponent, they are physical manifestations of lifelong dreams. Each time he connects, he wins more than just a ball, he wins souls. He wins history. It's enough to give any naturally belligerent Liverpool fanatic a heart palpitation. One strong enough to fail a transfer window medical.

And therein lies the rub. Because for as brilliant and inspiring as Jon Flanagan has always been, he's also had a career cripplingly sour run of luck with injuries. And as unexpected as his meteoric rise to prominence in Rodgers' setup was, it would be doubly so were he to retain those heights upon his reintroduction to top level professional football. And yet, we don't put it past him, do we? Who dares doubt the lad's dreams at this point?

Liverpool's official site knows this, because game recognize game. That's why they linked the world to Flanno's Instagram'd recovery update. Do click the link, and enjoy young Flannavaro's wildly mediocre leg definition. Scroll down and marvel at how calm wee Flanny Alves remains while trapped in an adult nappy designed by Stanley Kubrick. Apparently it generates anti-gravity for you while you jog, and we know what you're thinking: Dr. Zaf would have never allowed this. But, whatever you do, don't miss out on the exact moment when Flanagan realizes that Jose Enrique made good on his promise to take the seat from the stationary bike when he wasn't looking.  Crystallized in interwebs infamy for all of time.

Regardless of how one feels about the specifics of Flanagan's latest rehab routine, one thing remains important to remember: Liverpool boast a better, deeper, and more enthralling squad with the homegrown hero flying around at full tilt. Here's hoping he gets there.

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