Play Fanfeud to Prizes – The Game Explained

Looking for a different kind of Fantasy League this season? The folks at Fanfeud have just the thing for you! — Elizabeth

Do you like football? Have you ever tried Fantasy Football? There is only a little over a week away from the beginning of the Premier League season, with fans highly anticipating kick-off.

Here at Fanfeud, we want to enhance your football viewing experience. By playing our simple but enthralling fantasy football game you get to test your football knowledge against one another, with the chance to win prizes.

It really is simple. Unlike the long-haul approach of Fantasy Premier League, where you have to slowly chop-and-change your team over the course of nine months, here every week is basically a new season.

With Liverpool kicking off the season against Stoke City next weekend, you can play the Fanfeud for just that game, where you can pick who you think will be the five best players on the pitch that day, in terms of Fantasy Football. Hint – pick Benteke!

You get to choose what Premier League game you want to play in, and you ANY five players from both sides. Whoever picks the players who perform the best in the match, in terms of FPL scoring – such as goals, or assists, wins the game – and thus the prize.

Below is a short and informative video of how the game works:

On our Fanfeud blog you’ll find a plethora of fantasy football hints and tips, as well as a barrage of excellent long-form feature writing, which we hope will enhance your FPL knowledge, and a chance to win the prizes.

If you have any questions about the game questions can be submitted below, with our team of FPL experts happy to provide FPL tips or simply further information on how the game works.

Play 90 minute fantasy football with Fanfeud - either online, or via our app. Fanfeud offers players the chance to play an exciting and strategic game in a fun filled competitive environment. It is simple to play - all you have to do is login, choose a game and pick five players.

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