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Rumour Mongering: The Latest Nothings On Digne

Nothing seems to actually be happening, but that doesn't stop the rumor mill from turning.

Digne looking for the latest rumo(u)rs.
Digne looking for the latest rumo(u)rs.
Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

According to reports out of France, Paris Saint-Germain left back Lucas Digne is due to make a decision whether he will join Liverpool soon.

That's very thoughtful of the young fullback. Given the choice, I'd join Liverpool too. However, according to The Echo no official offer, or even approach for the player has been made by the Reds.

So, we have a player the Reds don't seem particularly interested in, who doesn't meet a position of greatest need (seriously, does he play DM?), but the rumors continue to circulate.

Certainly, Alberto Moreno and Jose Enrique leave a little something to be desired from our left backs, but there's still a great deal of hope for the former, and the latter is still technically at the club. However, the club seems to have wrapped up their shopping for the summer, instead preferring to turn their attention to selling last season's surplus strikers.

Stay tuned for more, probably.

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