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The Week in Comments: "Hamez Thrillner!!"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Carragher Weighs in on “Devastating and Infuriating” Benteke

jeremy.wyenberg: These are exactly my hesitations with him.
TL;DR I am Jamie Carragher.

ITStheGP: You’re a knowledgeable dude and I appreciate you

Official: Liverpool Sign Christian Benteke

finally, we sign a decent CB

— Mcleanrocks

— Gump_Grossman
cityasmara13: lol so this is who you spend all the sterling money on. no wonder you finished 6th after spending 120 million.

d.liv: Bony was alread taken, so
Poor Skrtel
I feel so bad for Skrtel. His training regimen just became his worst nightmare.

— DouglasQuaid

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Lazio Want Mamadou Sakho


— BloodRunsRed
NimjaIV: Not only is LFC linked with every player out there...
...but every player we have is also linked to other clubs.
Markovic on loan to Benfica! Moreno to Roma! Borini to Lazio! No wait, Balotelli to Lazio! Sakho to Lazio? Lambert to Norwich? Lambert to Middlesborough! Lambert to QPR!

Daniel O.: Lovren to...?

RedTilImDead: Start. ;-(

Rodgers Addresses Concerns Surrounding Christian Benteke

saintgrobian: Jordan Henderson reads the full Terms of Service before clicking "I Agree".

Ken Mueller: After reading the full Terms of Service, Milner agonizes for days before clicking "I Agree"

RedInOz: Ibe has his parents read the full Terms of Service before clicking I agree

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Borini Could End Up Stuck with Reds Again

Petsen2: I don’t get it. When does his contract run out?

Walter Sobchak: never.

Adelaide United 0, Liverpool 2: All About Fitness

Hamez Thrillner!!

— Dylan C

Staff Comment

Official: Liverpool Sign Christian Benteke

latortillablanca: also – take a fuggin bow, FSG. absolutely stellar support of the club.

Noel: And of Rodgers. Quibble all you like about who and how, but nobody can claim they aren’t doing the shutting up and signing the cheques part (queue one of the usual suspects claiming spending £32.5M on Benteke’s somehow about selling the club).

Gif of the Week

It was gonna be a little sad to play Norwich twice and have nobody to haunt their dreams with ridiculous goals, but we've got that covered now

— nihil in moderato


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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