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Liverpool Extend Away Ticket Price Reduction to 2015/16 Season

Following a previous announcement about price freezes on most tickets at Anfield, Liverpool announced they will continue to subsidize tickets for away fans in the upcoming season.

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Not counting these away fans, of course.
Not counting these away fans, of course.
Matt King/Getty Images

Towards the end of last season, Liverpool announced that the club would be subsidizing the price of all remaining away matches by £2-4 per ticket. It wasn't necessarily enough to buy a train ticket or a tank of gas to actually get to a match at a far flung location in England, of course, but it was a start.

With the 2015/16 season quickly approaching and Liverpool playing back-to-back away matches to kick things off, the club announced that they would continue the price reduction scheme for the entire campaign. This follows on previous announcements that season tickets and GA tickets back home at Anfield would also see a price freeze this season.

"Liverpool Football Club has the highest away support following in the Premier League and we want to maintain and reward that," said Ian Ayre said in April when the club announced the first reduction in away ticket pricing. "We consulted with our official Supporters' Committee and agreed that a reduction in away ticket prices was the best way to achieve this.

"Visiting supporters really do create that unique matchday atmosphere and form part of what makes the Premier League great. It's important for the club to continue to support the travelling fans who play a massive role in backing the team, which will be really important as the season draws to a close."

Away fans will likely feel aggrieved that the per-ticket price drop isn't more significant given the vast sums of money flowing to the club's bank account due to the new Premier League TV deal, and it's certainly a fair enough point considering the TV money is more than enough to cap away ticket prices at £20 for all away fans. But Premier League clubs don't seem to be using the influx of cash to offer fans' wallets relief, and until they do, £2-4 ticket means a little extra cash in fans' pockets for a pint or a pie at half time.

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