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The Week in Comments: "Don’t you mean: who, what, and why always me?"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Darth Maul's lesser known brother, Darth Liverbird. The Jedi Council was not so worried about him.
Darth Maul's lesser known brother, Darth Liverbird. The Jedi Council was not so worried about him.
Matt Roberts/Getty Images

Community Comments

Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester United Target Alexandre Lacazette Available for £35M

saintgrobian: £35M? This sounds like one of those Amazon Prime Day deals that look super alluring but are all gone by the time I click on the damn link. LFC: stop reading reviews and just click on the damn link.

Noel: Wait, there were good Amazon Prime Day deals? Also yes click the damn buy it now button Ian do it do it do it.

ITStheGP: Customers who bought this item also bought Reus
Agent_Brenda: So what about Lambert, Borini and Balotelli ?

Noel: Who, what, and where?

stugots05: Don’t you mean: who, what, and why always me?

Raheem Sterling Set to Become One of World’s Ten Richest Players

Elizabeth: I look forward to the £300k/week salary negotiations in two years

Luis Suarez Dentist: I don't see Villa or Swansea paying £300k a week

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Manchester United to Beat Reds to Benteke

Ignignokt: If we don't buy Benteke we're probably not buying a striker this window.
So maybe hold off on the celebrations a bit, y’know?

nihil in moderato: sick burn on Ings

No Excuses Left for Brendan Rodgers Heading Into Year Four

Indeed. FSG bought the club, paid off itsdebts, are renovating Anfield (naturally not to the extent some fans like Jim Boardman demand), are not taking any assets out of the club, and are reinvesting any money the club makes back into it and they’ve backed their manager when he wants it. In terms of ownership, while they may not be Russian oligarchs or Arab Sheiks, they have done right by the club especially given the sorry state it was in when they bought it.

— Indy Red

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Marco Reus a £46M Target for Reds

Agent moyes: So next season we could have the miracle LazarReus to help us

Tras: How long were you working on that one?

Agent moyes: How long has the article been up

Liverpool Reportedly Ready to Trigger £32.5M Benteke Release Clause

the guy is a good footballer. good in the air. good with his feet. athletic. will run at defenders. strong. that sort of cool stuff that we like to see.
and getting him in now, if it’s popping off, will be great. no more dilly dally. no more deadline day incomings.
get the team jamming on the 1, confident, before the season even starts.
that’s worth some extra coin for sure.

Migs = Waffles
Benteke = Mussels
Origi = The Chocolatier?


— thatsMatt

Staff Comment

Raheem Sterling Reportedly Determined to Leave Liverpool

no injuries? no injuries!

— latortillablanca


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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