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The Week in Comments: "It’s not a RUMOR!!!"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Raheem Sterling Calls in Sick From Training

I don’t think he’s even really sick.

— ChrisLFC
Arun Krishnan: At some point, someone blinks, between FSG, City, and Sterling. It might end up being City, simply because they have the money, but it doesn’t have to be them.

Haughmill: FSG sold a man who had bitten someone for the second time, and had a ban, for 75m....
don’t see it being FSG if I am honest.

Sterling Sick Strike Continues

Should change "Rumour Mongering" section to:
"It’s not a RUMOR!!!"

— ITStheGP
Sick prone player. Sell him.

— GunSaladin
The ineptitute is just staggering

Your agent sensibly advised you to do an interview explaining how much of a reasonable and nice young man you are, when nobody was really asking a question. Nice in a "all I want is a big money move to a bigger club that my 7 goal tally deserves" kinda way.

Your manager doesn’t understand that €100k a week, regular football and holiday to Jamaica when you get a bit tired is derisory. How can you continue under those conditions. Communication has obviously broken down. You deserve to bring those 7 goals and that hand over you face thing to a global superpower. And now its because of the bad manager that you’ve taken ill.

Your poor agent has lost his only other client under the complete misconception that he’s a total self publicising arrogant imbecile. Brendan Rodgers you asshole.

— Seanster1

Gerrard Blasts Sterling As Manchester City Prepare Third Bid

Some players you keep; some players you let go for the right price.

Many here are comparing Raheem to Lovren, whom Southampton let go (for a huge fee). But Schneiderlin also threw a tantrum that same summer, and Southampton did not let him go for any money. Rooney threw the longest and messiest of tantrums to leave Man Utd, and they didn’t let him go.

Transfers always feel messy when you’re in the middle of them, but the messiness doesn’t matter after all is said and done. For the right price, Raheem goes; otherwise, he stays.

— Farce of Nature
I said this yesterday and I don't mean to stand on duplicate soap-boxes here, but this is the thing.

If one of these incidents, flare-ups, headlines, tantrums, absences, what have you, were to happen on their own without anything else, it’d be totally accurate to say, "hey, he’s 20, he’s going to make mistakes sometimes. Who cares, he wants more money, he’s a kid! Leave him be."

But the continued middle-fingers-to-the-club approach, the continued compounding of mistakes—demanding XYZ money, then taking a backdoor interview saying it isn’t about the money, saying you won’t sign for any amount of money, saying it’s actually just about the manager, refusing to go on tour, refusing to go to practice, all coming shortly after Brendan all but took up arms for him—this is more than immature decision making (which I am an apologist for in many instances), this is more of a pattern that informs his overall character.

— K. Brennan Huff

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Borini Blocking Italian Move

Come on West Ham!
Get your act together! We got another good one for you.
I really do hope he can re jump start his football somewhere nice.

— deadlydirk_killerkuyt

Official: Liverpool Agree £49m Deal with Manchester City for Raheem Sterling

14th most expensive transfer of all time.
To be paid 200k a week.
At age 20.
With fewer than 20 senior-level goals.
How do you chart a transfer strategy when this is happening?

— Ignignokt

Staff Comment

Raheem Sterling Calls in Sick From Training


— Ed


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