Jading of a great Bastian hero

Schweinsteiger, my first and longest lasting football love, is going to ManU. As a young lad I watched a bit of footy but only truly caught on during the 06 WC. He and Podo, and lesser Klose, were instant favorites. As time went on my love for Podo waned, I came to love Nando and then felt the sweet bliss of a Dane's retributional elbow and other favorites never hit the highs or were quite trusted. I wasn't around to see the glory days of s great deal of Reds. Heaps of respect to Dalglish, Gerrard, Hyypia and several more but never completely gave myself in to loving them almost without consequence or criticism.

Until today that is. The day my last of footballing Titans has finally had his reputation scratched and seemed mortal. Does it seem silly? Yes, in some ways I feel so immature and awful to say that Schweinie will never quite be the same in my eyes, but that's tribalism isn't it? In some ways it may be worse for others here, Eliz, Chuck and a few more are Bayern supporters and this must hurt them. Even tho I'm a Dortmund fan, I've always been able to respect guys like Bastian, Lahm and Müller for staying dedicated to their hometown club. Yet now he's gonna be a red devil and in my heart my love for him is burning in a hellish sort of fire. I'm confused and a little angry that it went this way.

Maybe some of you out there can relate tho, maybe there was a non LFC player you just loved. He was a hero in some other way,. A player you admired and just really loved to watch. And maybe his career ended alright, or maybe it was unsatisfying. This is a fan post for that. Quick speculation, wild emotions unchecked about players we admire are welcome.

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