What does Gary McAllister bring to Liverpool?

The final piece of the coaching puzzle at Melwood/Anfield seems to be Gary McAllister, appointed this past week to be first-team coach. Tras has described him as "a league winner (with Leeds), a midfield enforcer, a dead ball specialist, [who] played for Liverpool. He's been there, done it, bought the t-shirt, and then bought another one just cos he could (ie he has more shirts than AJ). He's also Scottish, hard, and if he can give our midfield more of an edge, I'm all for it!"

My question is, does anyone know about McAllister's coaching/managing style? What (good or bad) does he bring to our beloved club and management team? Why do you think he was chosen as opposed to, say, Sami Hyypia?

Let's speculate about something other than Sterling for a few minutes!

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