Play Fantasy Football!

Thought we'd have a little bit of fun with this, only takes a few minutes each week to change your team. Not like Baseball where you have to change it every bloomin day!

Prizes on offer for top 3! (if I'm not broke, not banned and still alive of course! so fairly unlikely)

here is the link

So you register with the website, select 15 players worth up to £100m. Name your team and and some other small issues. Once you've selected your team, you can change it however many times you want, up until just before the first game.

All the rules are fairly easy to understand. But this season they have added 3 different types of bonus points, so will make things a lot more tricky!

Are we having fun yet?

The code for Joining 'The Liverpool offside' league is


So far we have

TTM - OnlyOneWayToParadise

Agent Moyes - Sterlings sick notes

Balotelli's Mohawk - BamaBeer&Balotelli

tkired - jojojo

Jeremy Wyenberg - #ThanksAubama

Tras - Look No Pants! (seriously dude?)

Elizabeth L - Goals Pugs-N-Harmony

Chief Ralphie the Red - Chief Ralphie

G-Loff - @Boring james Milner

RedsInOz - AP

LFCPhiladelphia -SC

My name ideas suck - NS

Considerate Passing - Five Times

Saint Grobian - Comolli Vanilli

RightSideRed - JS

Lurker goomba - AC

rikwon - Coach teamnopants

Mcleanrocks - Shiny Happy BPL

campion - Yesil we Can!

PeterQuill - C'mon Feel the Reus

bjorn hof - Fc Mini Moke*

Hendo and Sons - KM

egg fried Reus - KW

MarineChiefsFan - Teufelbait

Cusmurunyun - DJ

The XI - AA

Quicksloth - WeeJoe's Beard&Fowl

Green Mountain Boys - GS

RedTillmDead - The Philberto

Mama Dou Mama Want - BC

tookishidealist - WA

Pooolsharq - NK


Scouser FC - S S

Hilltop Army - E E

Craggy Island FC - CH

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