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The Week in Comments: "Speaking to Aidy Ward has that effect"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Official: Liverpool Agree Terms with James Milner, Will Sign on July 1

troy433: cant believe...
How man city fans are going berserk on twitter about milner joining a "smaller club"
Makes my blood boil...

Luis Suarez Dentist: Those poor City fans. Perhaps they should switch back to being Chelsea fans again? That will make them feel better.
Tras: Chances of Yaya following Jimmy down the East Lancs?

DasBoot_8: Best we can do is bake a cake and wait...

Liverpool Won't Engage in Sterling Talks With United

LiverRed: The difference between Sterling and
Leonardo Dicaprio – Leo scores.
The difference between Sterling and Time – Time passes.

BloodRunsRed: Difference between Leo and Chelsea

Sunderland Look to Make Coates Move Permanent

/picks up coates and leaves

— Petsen2

Liverpool Part Ways with First-Team Coach Mike Marsh

Harsh on Marsh, and now a fiasco for Pascoe!
I’m only warming up.

— Seanster1

Jürgen Klopp to Take Break after Leaving Borussia Dortmund

jaketodd59: But what if we offered him a midseason break to Jamaica? Sounds pretty restful.

Agent moyes: i can only imagine what type of wages he would come back looking for if we did that

Skrtel Rejects “Unacceptable” Contract Offer

It’s hard to imagine selling Skrtel right now because, while I don’t consider him our best CB, he’s been very good and he so rarely picks up injuries that he’s certainly our most reliable CB right now. I am generally #TeamSellSkrtel (that’s probably not a thing) but with the moves we need to make this summer, I’m not sure we’d have the time or funds to really pull it off. If we do make a change at CB this summer, I’d love to ship out Lovren if we can get half our money back and replace him with…Hyypia…a traffic cone…Mighty Red.

— He_Drinks_Sangria
I’m 100% ok with Skrtel leaving this summer. I’m 100% nervous with BR picking his replacement. Quite a dilemma.

— campion

Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Bayern Munich End Pursuit of Raheem Sterling

Speaking to Aidy Ward has that effect.

— Lucasinho

No shame in that game. If I were a fan of any of the bigger teams I’d want my club to be putting in cheeky bids at this point.

City’s one of the clubs I’d be most hesitant to sell him to, though. They’re the club in the top four that’s going to have the toughest time staying there if FFP is going to be a semi-real thing, no reason to make their lives easier.

How was everyone’s week, by the way? Any of you leave 70k of earnings on the table this week? Nah, me neither. Feels great!

— nihil in moderato

There was a pun train about Mike Marsh's replacement and then another one about Colin Pascoe's shorts.

Staff Comment

Official: Liverpool Agree Terms with James Milner, Will Sign on July 1

Boring James Milner is a great signing for Liverpool. Player’s decent, too.

— Noel


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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