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Liverpool Freeze Season and General Admission Ticket Prices for 2015/16

#ModernFootball ain't cheap, but Liverpool are set to keep most ticket prices the same leading into next season.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

On the back of a season that was spectacularly hit and miss for Liverpool, the club have elected not to raise ticket prices for both season ticket holders and general admission tickets, and are reducing prices for the youth season tickets introduced last season.

"Following our recent announcement to freeze general admission season ticket prices and reduce junior season ticket prices," said managing director Ian Ayre, "we are now pleased to announce a freeze on all general admission match day ticket prices for next season.

"We have worked in collaboration with the ticketing work group as we look at practical initiatives to increase accessibility and affordability of tickets at Anfield. We now have an opportunity with the Main Stand expansion providing increased capacity for the 2016-17 season to explore further ticketing initiatives with the group."

Fans across the league protested ticket prices to varying degrees all season, with Liverpool fans making a high profile statement of intent by not travelling great distances to see Liverpool lose to Hull on a Tuesday night after being asked to pay an exorbitant ticket price to do so. Freezing ticket prices is likely the least the club could do after the disappointment of last season, and a decent (if obvious) PR move.

Still, some fans remain unhappy about not having to pay more next season. The tens of millions of pounds raining down on Premier League clubs due to the league's most recent TV deal doesn't seem to have been put towards reducing ticket prices in any meaningful way, while others feel that Liverpool are trying to stiff fans by raising prices on completely optional consumer items like replica kits.

Save for going back to 1980s prices adjusted for inflation, it's not likely that there will ever be a ticket freeze or price reduction that will make everyone happy, nor should fan groups stop campaigning to get a fair price, especially for away matches. But freezing or reducing prices is never a step in the wrong direction, and with Liverpool anticipating on-pitch improvement next season, fans will hopefully get better value for their money at home games next season.

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