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Saturday Open Thread: All Luis Suarez's Dreams Could Come True Edition

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The UEFA Champions League final will dominate much of the football dialogue early in the day, but with the Women's World Cup kicking off later on in the day, there's a little bit of something for everyone.

David Ramos/Getty Images

European club football comes to a close today with the Champions League final, where major favourites Barcelona take on scrappy underdogs Juventus in Berlin (7:45PM BST / 2:45PM EST), but that certainly isn't the only football on offer. The bribe-free Women's World Cup finally kicks off as hosts Canada — led by Liverpool FC fan Christine Sinclair — take on China in the opening match (11:00PM BST / 6:00PM EST), followed by New Zealand vs the Netherlands (2:00AM BST / 9:00PM EST). For those inclined to stay up really late, the U20 World Cup features both Honduras vs Germany and a collector's item match between Fiji and Uzbekistan (3:00AM BST / 10:00PM EST).

For a full rundown of the day's games and viewing options visit LiveSoccerTV, and as a reminder, archived open threads can be found in the Sections menu at the top of every page.