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Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Another Day, Another Benteke Swap Rumour (Tottenham Hotspur Ed.)

Spurs in for a Liverpool target? Check. Potential swap deal? Check. Transfer window? Pending. Silly season? In full swing.

Soldado doing his impression of the Liverpool fan base.
Soldado doing his impression of the Liverpool fan base.
Stu Forster/Getty Images

As is Spurs modus operandi, they're reportedly in for Aston Villa striker and perpetual Liverpool target Christian Benteke, as part of a potential swap deal with Emmanuel Adebayor and a sack of cash. Because of course they are.

The latest chatter comes on the heals of Liverpool's very own swap deal rumours, because it seems like everyone except Aston Villa agrees that £32.5M for Benteke is too much.

Despite "Tactics" Tim Sherwood having a history with Adebayor, this still seems highly unlikely, if only for the simple fact that swap deals almost never happen in the Premier League. That said, Sherwood and Adebayor might be keen on the swap; the 31-year-old striker performed admirably under the manager, scoring 14 goals in 25 appearances.

As if we needed another reason to doubt a possible swap, wages would also be an issue for Villa. Adebayor is currently on £100,000 a week at Spurs, which is reportedly much higher than the wages currently enjoyed by all the other Villa players.

This rumour seems like the only logical next step in what is quickly becoming a farce. On its surface, this deal might seem more likely than Borini, Lambert, and money for Benteke, but it's still highly unlikely. Apparently neither Spurs nor Liverpool have made a formal swap bid, so this is likely just the media slowly driving itself insane, hoping beyond hope for some movement--any movement--on the Benteke rumour mill.

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