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The Week in Comments: "Stick to your guns, Villa."

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Liverpool Closing in on £12.5 Million Nathaniel Clyne

Great, I’ll bet Rodgers ends up playing him at RB.

— ChrisLFC
Surely now we qualify for the free sandwich from Soton

— saintgrobian

Transfer Scouting: Roberto Firmino

I can't wait to see how many goals he scores against Norwich

— CincyLPoolReds4ever

Liverpool Reportedly Agree Firmino Deal

Ed: This is news that I like.

nihil in moderato : let’s not get too carried away

Coutinho and Firmino Together “Can Change Liverpool”

Ronaldinho: If you can’t score goals in a team with Coutinho and Firmino in midfield then you won’t score goals in any team

maninblack: If you can’t score goals with Phil and Bobby on the pitch then you’re probably Fred

Carlos Bacca Pushing Hard for Liverpool Move

Stick to your guns, Villa.
Please, oh, please, stick to your bonkers £32.5M guns.

— Mex_

Manchester City Consider £50m Bid for Sterling, and That's Their Final Offer (For Real This Time)

Liberecak: I think I can see how this one plays out.
/unfollows Sterling on Instagram.

Big_Ben: Unfollows Enrique on Instagram
Just cause I can’t take his pictures anymore :p

Southampton Reportedly Accept £12.5m Clyne Bid

Jamie Carragher (via Twitter): Saw Nathaniel Clyne at St Mary's last season after a game & told him to sign for Lfc, he took the advice! I'm on the transfer committee now.

Moldndecay: Carra, what a knob

ITStheGP: According to that tweet, he does appear to open doors.

Staff Comment

The FA Say Roberto Firmino Will Qualify for Work Permit

So glad they’re protecting the sanctity of the archetypal mediocre English footballer

— Ed


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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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