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Manchester City Consider £50m Bid for Sterling, and That's Their Final Offer (For Real This Time)

Manchester City will be hoping it's third time lucky with their next bid for Raheem Sterling's talents.

Choose your own adventure photo caption: laughing at the offer, or laughing all the way to the bank?
Choose your own adventure photo caption: laughing at the offer, or laughing all the way to the bank?
Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Manchester City are nothing if not persistent. Despite Liverpool brass putting a price tag of at least £50m on young winger Raheem Sterling, the Citizens approached the Merseyside club with an offer of £25m + £5m in add-ons in order to lure Sterling down the M62. When that bid was rejected outright, the scrappy upstart club levied a cheeky £40m bid, having apparently learned nothing from their previous attempt. That bid, too, was rejected outright.

Following that, it's now become clear that if City genuinely want Raheem Sterling — and it seems that they genuinely do — they're going to have to actually meet Liverpool's valuation of the player. The Daily Mail, in what might otherwise be mistaken for a detailed chronicle of Sterling's summer vacation in Ibiza, suggests that City might — might!consider making that £50m commitment. Not that they've actually submitted a formal bid in that amount, or even made a verbal offer, just that it's something City bosses are considering.

Normally transfer bids that exist solely in a CFO's mind aren't necessarily anything to get worked up about, but City's two previous bids have come on the heels of just this kind of speculation. There isn't any word yet on whether or not this is a true £50m bid, or if it's £45m + £5m in add-ons as with the previous two bids.

City's £40m bid was thought to be a final offer, so news of a £50m final final offer suggests that their desperation for Sterling's signature could be milked for a few million pounds more should Liverpool decide that selling within the Premier League demands a fee even higher than £50m. Despite their recent struggles with Financial Fair Play rules, City's pockets still run fairly deep and Liverpool would do well to capitalize on that as much as possible if they're even considering doing business with the Citizens.

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