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Liverpool Petition Premier League to Kick Off Season Away from Anfield

Hoping to have as long a construction window as possible, the club have asked the league to hold off on giving them a home match when they return to Premier League action in August.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Construction projects are almost never fast and even more rarely completed on time. Liverpool's regeneration of Anfield is generally on schedule, but six months into an18-month project, the club are looking to eke out as much heavy construction time as possible before the Premier League season begins again in two months' time.

To that end, the club have put in a request to the powers that be at the Premier League that the club kicks off its 2015/16 season on the road when play resumes on August 8. The league has yet to respond to the request, but it is not expected that the request will go unfulfilled. The full Premier League fixture list is set to be published next Wednesday, June 17th.

What Liverpool hope to accomplish by putting off their first home game of the season are the same things that have been the main talking points so far during the construction. The pitch will not be fully replaced due to the two cranes currently sitting on the Anfield pitch awaiting a day in July when they'll be used to install the new roof structure on the Main Stand, though general improvements to its surface will be made. The steel structure that will become the new Main Stand is also scheduled to be completed by the end of the summer.

Locals may feel a bit of disappointment at not getting to attend a friendly against European competition prior to the season starting — and Dejan Lovren might lament his chance to truly shine once more as he did against Borussia Dortmund last summer — but if it ensures that at the very least the pitch is in better condition upon Liverpool's return, then it's likely worth kicking off the season on the road.

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